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Who we are

Although we have been running mithna since the beginning of 2016, our team has been working together since 2010. In fact during our first 5 years together, we successfully managed Rebekah’s, one of Malta’s prestigious restaurants. After this period, we felt it was the right time to take a courageous leap.


We took over a place that was much bigger, and more central. More importantly though, we took over a historical gem, that was built in the 1700’s to provide the community with one of the world’s most important ingredients…..flour.


We started learning about the importance of the windmill and spoke to people who still remember purchasing flour from our windmill. We read about their importance, researched their history and appreciated the ingenious engineering behind them.


After having so many conversations, what remains imprinted in our minds are the people. The people that operated the mills, the farmers that brought the wheat on windy days, the consumers that purchased the flour to feed their families.


To represent the importance of these people, we chose to portray the wheat and its by-products in the hands of some of these protagonists. These photos titled "Wheat and its by-products - Wholemeal Flour, Course Bran, Bran, Semolina, Flour", may be found here or displayed in our restaurant.


Mellieħa - A Destination of Excellence

The charming northern village of Mellieħa was recently designated a Destination of Excellence by the European Union – and for good reason. While being one of the most picturesque parts of the island, it is also extremely popular for its gourmet restaurants, top hotels, sandy beaches, historical sites and stunning views.

The town is known for being extremely friendly, and it makes for a wonderful place to visit or stay. Additionally, its fascinating history dates back over 400 years and its places of interest include the Red Tower, Selmun Tower and the beautiful parish church, which is dedicated to the birth of Our Lady.

Furthermore, Mellieħa is popular as a resort town and boasts one of the most inviting sandy beaches in Malta. The summer months are especially lively, when holidaymakers flock to the area to make the most of the bathing, water sports and sun worshiping opportunities.

History of the windmill

Mitħna is situated in a converted 17th century windmill (mitħna), boasting a striking location in the village Mellieħa. The mill still retains most of its original structural features.​

The first windmills on the Maltese Islands were built by the Knights of St. John who arrived in Malta in 1530.  Similar to those found in Rhodes, the mills had a plain cylindrical turret rising directly from the ground, without any domestic quarters for the miller. Historical records of the 15th century and early 16th century often mention flour mills that are turned by horses or mules.

Soon, almost every village in Malta had its own windmill. Mellieħa itself had three. The one that today houses the restaurant was built during the second half of the 17th century, and is the last one of the three to be built. Today it is the only one still in existence in Mellieħa.

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